XP Deus Metal Detector WS05 + MI-6 Pinpointer

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This metal detector is very innovative. It's uber-lightweight; at just 2.2 pounds the Deus feels like it's not there. Completely wireless, it runs on radio frequencies. This translates to instantaneous signal acquisition and communication. It also sports one of the most intuitive user interfaces available. Updates can be downloaded by connecting to a computer. Two of my favorite features of this detector are: 1) its ability to quickly switch between four different frequencies and numerous different preset programs, and, 2) its ability to adjust response speed/separation (Reactivity). We have been seeing big things from this small package!

First Wireless Detector - Lightweight and compact: extend or fold away in seconds

Detector Comes with:

WS5 Full Sized Wireless Headphones, LCD Remote Display, 9” or 11" X35 Coil with Telescopic Pole


Purchase price will included the XP MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer - $159 value!!!

The new MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector has a wide range of innovative features compared to other products currently on the market. Use by itself or along with the XP DEUS metal detector:

1. Audio signal is transmitted directly to the DEUS via radio link.

2. Interference suppression system between MI-6 and DEUS.

3. Lithium rechargeable battery with long battery life.

4. Waterproof down to 6 meters.

5. LED, vibrate, audio and sensitivity adjustments when the pinpointer is used as a stand alone item (not connected to the Deus).

6. When connected to the DEUS allows further advanced levels of adjustments via the DEUS menu including: 50 levels of sensitivity, adjustable tones, 2 audio modes, battery level indicator, programs, MI-6 recovery mode - find a lost MI-6 even if it has been switched off for several weeks.